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FHL what line to use bass fishing

On: Apr 25, 2014 @ 1:39 AM

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Hi Roxie,

8 to 10 lb is strong enough for this. This will do for fixed and sliding (slip) bobbers.

What are you using as bait?

salmon fishing tackle

Salmon Fishing Tackle

Salmon Fishing Tackle getting it right

Salmon Fishing Tackle

When it comes to Salmon Fishing Tackle the local tackle shop usually will be able to advise you on the right rod for the area, and don’t forget most tackle shops have good return policies.

Salmon Fishing Tackle – The Rod

The rod is the most important piece of Salmon Fishing Tackle that you have to get.

The rod you purchase is controlled by several factors –

  1. The method of fishing -
  • Fly
  • Bait
  • Lure
  1. The water you will fish -
  • large expanse or small
  • fast or slow
  • deep or shallow

When picking the rod get one that is comfortable for you, if the rod is not comfortable – especially a fly rod, you will not stick at it. When you are picking a rod for coarse fishing you have a bit of leeway but when choosing your Salmon Fishing Tackle you have to get it right.

 Salmon Fishing Tackle – The Reel

The reel needs to be –

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Precise
  • Well manufactured

Due to the strength of the Salmon the reel needs to be all of the above because anything less and you will be loosing fish left, right and center. The gearing need to be precision manufactured to allow you to play the fish and strong enough to take the shock of a sudden turn from the fish. The drag has to be set right and not weak enough that it can’t hold while you are playing the fish.

 Salmon Fishing Tackle – The Line

The line selection is determined by the method of fishing. If you are fly fishing you will need a leader made from line with a breaking strain of at least 3Kg ( 6 to 7 Lbs). Remember the Salmon is going to be bigger and stronger than most of the other fish you would be fly fishing for, except for maybe Pike. Also ensure you have backing on the line to allow for long runs.

If you are lure or bait fishing you want line in around 6 – 8 Kg ( 12 to 16 Lbs ). Something you may want to take into account when using these methods are the teeth that the Salmon has, these maybe able to cut through your line so you may want to use a wire trace on the line.

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New Species of Eel Discovered

New Species of Eel Discovered

New Species of EelA new species of Eel was discovered in an  unusual place resently.

Dubbed the APE (Albino Pot-pourri Eel) it was spotted laying in wait in a pot-pourri bowl in a home on the West coast of Ireland. Due to the fact that this is believed to be a new species of Eel it hasn’t been interfered with by the home owner.

Lack of movement by new species of Eel.

Sense it was first observed several days ago this new species of Eel has not moves leading to the belief that it has just returned from the Sargasso Sea and is resting before moving in land or that it was a very specific diet and is waiting for the right food to come along.

New Species of Eel Just Like Others.

New Species of Eel waiting for dinnerThe lack of movement has not raised any concerns about the health of this Eel as many other species of Eel – like the common Eel, Conger Eel and Moray Eel, will all wait for food to come along before shooting out of their hiding place and catching it. The fact that the head of this new species of Eel is the only thing visible adds strength to the belief that it is waiting for food.

How big is this new species of Eel?

Due to the lack of movement by the Eel experts are finding it hard to determine the Eels length or weight. They do how ever speculate that comparing the size of its head to that of a common Eel, that this Eel is about 14″ long (350mm) and approximately 1 1/2 Lbs (650g) in weight.

New Species of Eel Fact or Fiction?

As you may have noticed this Eel is not going anywhere fast!

It is in fact a piece of Pot-pourri that has taken on the appearance of an Eel when it dried out.

But it is very convincing as this other picture bare testament to.

New Species of Eel still not moving!        New Species of Eel misses a big nut for dinner

Salmon Fishing where are they

Salmon Fishing

Lets go fishing for the “king of fish” Lets Go Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing

E = MC2
Albert Einstein

But if we had of asked him for the formula for “the best place to go Salmon Fishing” we would probably have no idea who he is today.
Why? simply because relativity is something quantitative where as Salmon are a whole new ball game.
The form, shape, flow, depth of a river have nothing to do with why the Salmon is there. Simply put the salmon is there through genetics. For the Salmon – where it was born it has to go back to to breed.

Salmon Fishing – Where are they at?

As we said above Salmon are creatures of habit, they come back to the place of their birth and this is to the benefit of the fisherman. By knowing they are going to come home we can have a good idea where they are going to be in the river. When it comes to Salmon Fishing you have a better chance of catching something if you know the water you are fishing.

Knowing where the holes, boulders, over hanging tree, etc.. are the better chance you have of finding a feeding fish. I said “feeding” because not all Salmon are feeding while in an area. Fish that are “running” are will not be eating and you are wasting your time chasing after one. (running means the fish is moving up stream and not interested in eating – so save your energy).

Salmon Fishing – Reading the water

Fish that are eating will be in areas where they can keep out of the main flow of the water but at the same time be able  to take advantage of food coming down in the flow. They like to rest in the bottom of a deep hole out of the flow but able to reach particles of food coming down stream

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Fishing Tips When to go bass fishing

Bass fishing - When to go 

Bass Fishing Tip:

Bass fishing tipsBass Fishing – Dawn and dusk are definitely when the biggest bass can be brought in. First,remember that they love to lay in ambush spots which offer them lots of cover from their target bait fish.

They like to hid, and pounce on their prey. These bait fish are most active in the early morning or evening. When they feed, bass follow because the baitfish are less aware of threats when they feed.

Go out bass fishing during these times for the best success – additionally you will have the water to yourself as most anglers don’t fish during these times.

Submitted by: Brian O’Neill

On: Sep 9, 2011 @ 7:31 PM


Thanks for the Bass fishing tip Brian.

I hope you all  find it helpful. It is tips like these that help us when we go out fishing, if you found this tip helpful why not leave a comment telling us how you got on with it.

By the way if you did find it helpful why not do the same as Brian and pass on a tip or two on the fishing tips page

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