Know the fish you want to catch

Know the fish you catch

Half the battle is knowing your enemy, and this is true for fish too.

It will make it easier to catch if you know:-

  • where they are in the water
  • when do they eat
  • what they like to eat
  • What will they go for
  • are they easily spooked
  • are they shy on the take or will they take off with the bait like a bat out of hell.


Knowing the answer to these questions will put you in a better position to catch them. What I am going to do here is give you information about the fish species and some information to put you in a position to catch the species of your choice.

Click on the link below to get information on the species you are interested in.

  • Game Fish

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Of course this is not all the information on each fish or all the fishing methods or fishing techniques you can use to catch them.

If you have had success on the water why not tell us all about it. Just click here and fill in the details of the catch.