fishing hats

Fishing hats

Fishing hats are for your protection and comfort.

Fishing hats will help protect you from the sun, the wind, the rain or the snow and ice, all that you have to know before you go fishing is which one is right for your fishing session.

They are important for a number of reasons:-

  • Keeping the sun of your head – if you are like me and your hair is thinning out, you don’t want to get sun stroke.
  • Keep your head dry if its raining.
  • Helps cut down the glare of the sun, allowing you to see into the water.
  • Keeps the midges of your head
  • If Fly Fishing then the hat helps protect you from catching your ear with a fly.

So you see you shouldn’t leave home without a fishing hat, also for me I have an Army baseball cap I picked up at West Point, it is very good at covering all the above points.

Which Fishing Hat is Right for You.

Fishing hats

When choosing a hat there are some factors to take into account before picking one:-

  • The weather conditions you are going fishing in
  • Time of the year
  • The proposed duration of the fishing session.
  • Will there be midges where you are going.

To go out without addressing these issues can leave you having an uncomfortable days fishing. By looking at these points and choosing a fishing hat based on your answers to them will put you in a good place the next time you are out fishing.
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