locked half blood

Locked Half Blood Knot

Locked Half Blood Knot

 The locked half blood knot is a firm favourite with coarse anglers for securing the hook to the line. It is also a firm favourite with sea anglers for securing terminals to the line. This knot is suitable for lines up to 55Lbs but you should remember being a form of strangulation knot it will weaken the line and this can mean you only have 70% of the lines strength.

How to tie the locked half blood knot

These are the steps to tying the locked half blood knot

Step 1 in tying the knot

Step 1

Pass the line through the eye of the hook. Then twist the tag and standing line together 3 to 6 times. The thicker the line the fewer twists you will need.

Step 2 in tying the knot

Step 2

Next pass the tag line back through the gap between the eye of the hook and the first twist.

Step 3 in tying the knot

Step 3

Now pull the line untill the knot starts to form, don’t pull the knot tight.

Step 4 in tying the knot

Step 4

In order to lock the knot you have to pass the tag end of the line back through the loop which has formed at the top of the knot.

Step 5 in tying the knot

Step 5

Finally before you tighten the knot fully, because this is a strangulation knot you need to wet it before tightening. Now pull the knot tight and cut off the surplus on the tag.

These are the steps in tying the locked half blood knot, a must know for anyone going fishing. Add this to knot to your fishing skills and rest assured that you will not lose a fish again because the knot came untied.

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