Mahseer Knot

Mahseer knot

This knot orginated in India by fishermen trying to catch the Mahseer. This fish is reowned as the ultimate freshwater fish. It is said to be the hardest pound for pound fighting species on the planet. For this reason the knot that takes its name is one of the strongest knot around and if tied right will not let you when you need it.


How to tie the Mahseer Knot

These are the steps to tying the Mahseer Knot

Step 1 in tying the knot

Step 1

Start off by passing the line through the eye of the hook 2 times

Step 2 in tying the knot

Step 2

The next thing you need to do is loop the tag line around the standing line 5 or 6 times. Don’t do too many loops or the knot will not tighten correctly and might fail, also not enough turns and it could fail also.

Step 3 in tying the knot

Step 3

The next step is to pass the end on the tag line through the loop in the line at the eye of the hook

Finalizing the knot

Step 4

Finally moisten the knot and pull on the knot tight from both the standing line and the tag line. Trim the excess line at the tag end.

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