stop knot

Stop Knot

Stop Knot

Why use a stop knot? Doing a spot of float fishing but not getting any where? Perhaps its the wrong time of the day, or you have the wrong bait. There are a lot of reasons why you are not catching the fish. Sometimes the problem is you are not fishing deep enough to catch the fish you want. Maybe this is because to set the float to the right depth would make it hard to cast. If this is the reason, then the stop knot is the knot lets you use a sliding float to fish the right depth.


How to tie a Stop Knot

The steps to tie the stop knot

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Start by cutting about 150mm (6″) of line off the main line. Fold this section of line in half and place it over the main line.

Step 2 in tying a stop knot

Now hold the two pieces of line between your thumb and fore-finger at the fold.


Step 3 in tying a stop knot

Next wrap one of the ends of the short section of line around the main line and the other end of the short length of line. Next pass it through the loop.

Step 4 in tying a stop knot

Finally moisten the knot and tighten by pulling both ends of the short section. When you have it tightened trim the ends of the knot back to about 20mm (3/4 �)