Uni Knot

Uni Knot

Uni knot

The Uni knot offers great strength and is well liked by both river and sea fishermen. The Uni knot is used by sea fishermen where large hooks have to be tied to heavy lines. It is also used by freshwater fishermen especially those using braid lines.

How to tie the Uni knot

These are the steps for tying the Uni Knot

Step 1 in tying the Uni knot

Firstly pass the line through the eye of the hook. Form a loop in the tag end next to the standing line.

Step 2 in tying a Uni knot

Make 5 turns of the tag line passing round the standing line and inside the loop.

Step 3 in tying a Uni knot

Now pull on the tag end of the line to tighten up the turns, before the turns are fully tighten moisten them, so that they can be pulled tight without fraying the line. Now pull the tag line to tighten the turns fully.

Step 4 in tying a Uni Knot

Finally slide the knot down the standing line until it is snug against the hook, if you prefer you can leave it loose from the hook allowing th hook to move, this is useful if you are tying on a lure. The last thing to do is sut off the surplus line on the tag.
This knot is very versatile and is well practiced by sea fishermen and by those fishermen using braid lines. This is because it offers great strength when tying on the hook.