float fishing tackle

Float Fishing Tackle

Float Fishing Tackle to get you up and running fast

Float fishing tackle – If you have chosen float fishing then we have the list here for the float fishing tackle you need to get you up and running.

Of course this is not the ultimate list of float fishing tackle but a selection of tackle to get you fishing.

OK let’s get started, as with most fishing methods the first things you will need are the rod, reel and line.

Float fishing Tackle – The rod

You want to get a rod which is 12 to 13 feet long(3.6 to 3.9m) it should have a test curve of about 12oz (0.34 Kg) – test curve means the weight you need to apply to the tip of the rod to get it to bend 90 degrees. Try to get the rod in 3 sections.

Float Fishing Tackle a 3 piece rod to get started


this can be either a fixed spool or a centre pin depending on the type of float fishing you want to do. If you are going to trot down the river then you want to use a centre pin this allows you to control the float as it goes down the river.
Float Fishing Tackle a reel
For any other type of float fishing you will want to use a fixed spool reel.

Make sure the fixed spool reel has the following features:

  • It has an interchangeable handle
  • The bail arm should open and close easily
  • The bail arm should have a roller and make sure it rolls
  • It should have an adjustable drag

Try and get a reel with most if not all of these features, also see if you can get an extra spool for it (a lot of the new reels coming out today come with an extra spool) this makes it easy for you to have two setups ready to go.


For the line you don’t need to get a high breaking strain line for float fishing, all you need is 100m of 2Kg line. You won’t be able to cast your float 100m but you might be fortunate enough to hook a big fish and have to feed line out to play it. With the adjustable drag on the reel 2Kg line will let you play a substantially bigger fish.

Now the next pieces of float gear you need to get are the floats, hooks and weights.

A selection of waggler floats
Floats – start of with a few of waggler floats, get some thin tips for still water and some thick tips for water with a flow. These should be about 200 to 250mm long.

Fishing hook-barbed
Hooks – you don’t need big hooks size 18 or 16 hooks are big enough. These should be tied onto a leader line of a lower breaking strain line than the main line, this is encase your hook gets caught up on something and you have to break the line, it will break at the hook and you will get your float back.

Fishing weights
Weights – get a selection of non-toxic split shot. Ranging from SSG (which is the largest that you put at the float to aid casting) down to no.8 (which is the smallest which you put down the line to aid the drop of the hook in the water.

Fishing plummet


A plummet is used for setting the depth of the float in the swim you are hoping to fish, get a non-toxic metal and cork one.

How do you use a plummet?

The plummet is easy to use to help you get the depth of the swim you wish to fish.

  1. Pass the hook through the eye of the plummet
  2. Next hook the hook into the cork in the base of the plummet
  3. Cast the line out – use a smooth under arm cast
  4. Let the line go slack when the plummet hits the bottom
  5. The float will be in one of three states
    1. The float has disappeared – length is too short
      1. Rewind the float
      2. loosen the lock shot and slide it further up the line
      3. Cast it in again
    2. The float is lying on the surface – length is too long
      1. Rewind the float
      2. loosen the lock shot and slide it back down the line
      3. Cast it in again
    3. The float is cocked in the water – length is right

Rod rest – this is so you don’t have to stand holding the rod all day. Get a band stick with a rubber band to rest the rod on, try to get a metal stick as it will take more punishment.

And the piece of float gear we better not forget is the net to land all the fish you are going to catch.

Landing net – get one that is about 450mm wide and deep (18″) and has a handle that is about 1.8M (6½’).

landing net

This is all you need to get going, you can add gear to it as you need it.