freelining tackle

This is the Freelining Tackle need to start

If you want to try freelining then we have the list here for the freelining gear you will need to get going.

By no means is this the ultimate list of equipment for freelining but the equipment to get you fishing.

OK let’s get started, as with most methods the first things you will need are the rod, reel and line.

3 piece rod suitable for Freelining

The rod – get a rod which is 12 to 13 feet long(3.6 to 3.9m) it should have a test curve of about 12oz (0.34 Kg) – test curve means the weight you need to apply to the tip of the rod to get it to bend 90 degrees. Try to get the rod in 3 sections.

center pin reel suitable for FreeliningThe reel – you will want a centre pin, this will let you trot the bait down the river and to control the float as it goes down the river.

Most of the new centre pin reels have ball bearing races, although there are some models that are still being built using brass bushings, most modern centre pins are constructed with ball bearings.

Get a reel equipped with a clicker, this is used as a lock for transportation – it stops you ending up with a birds nest of monofilament line when you get to the water. Don’t forget this is not a drag mechanism so remember to disengaged it when fishing.

With the reels bearing design the advantage is that the reel will pay out line when the float needs it, the float will need line because of the force of the current acting on it.

The next piece of fleelining gear you need is the line � because there is no drag with a centre pin reel you will need a higher breaking strain line up to 4Kg (8Lb) and 100m (110 Yards) will be enough to cover most conditions.

Because you are going to be working with a center pin reel and if you hook up a large fish and you don’t have any drag on the reel you may find yourself playing the fish to tire it out. This in turn can lead to you

Waggler floats Floats – The main purpose for a float in freelining is to give you a longer cast. Start of with a couple of waggler floats, because you are going to be trotting down the river you will need thick tips for flowing water. you get get larger floats as you need them, so just get a couple to get you going.

Fishing hook barbed The next piece of freelining tackle you will need are the hooks – You don’t need big hooks size 14 or 12 hooks are big enough. Freshwater hooks come in many shapes and sizes, you can also buy them pre-tied to a leader line (these are usually spade type hooks). Listed here are a sample of the hooks you can get.

And we better not forget the net to land all the fish you are going to catch.

Landing net – Get a landing net that is about 450mm wide and deep (18″) and has a handle that is about 1.8M (6′) long.

Landing Net

This is all the freelining gear you need to get going, you can add gear to it as you need it.