New Species of Eel Discovered

By | March 12, 2012

New Species of Eel Discovered

New Species of EelA new species of Eel was discovered in an  unusual place resently.

Dubbed the APE (Albino Pot-pourri Eel) it was spotted laying in wait in a pot-pourri bowl in a home on the West coast of Ireland. Due to the fact that this is believed to be a new species of Eel it hasn’t been interfered with by the home owner.

Lack of movement by new species of Eel.

Sense it was first observed several days ago this new species of Eel has not moves leading to the belief that it has just returned from the Sargasso Sea and is resting before moving in land or that it was a very specific diet and is waiting for the right food to come along.

New Species of Eel Just Like Others.

New Species of Eel waiting for dinnerThe lack of movement has not raised any concerns about the health of this Eel as many other species of Eel – like the common Eel, Conger Eel and Moray Eel, will all wait for food to come along before shooting out of their hiding place and catching it. The fact that the head of this new species of Eel is the only thing visible adds strength to the belief that it is waiting for food.

How big is this new species of Eel?

Due to the lack of movement by the Eel experts are finding it hard to determine the Eels length or weight. They do how ever speculate that comparing the size of its head to that of a common Eel, that this Eel is about 14″ long (350mm) and approximately 1 1/2 Lbs (650g) in weight.

New Species of Eel Fact or Fiction?

As you may have noticed this Eel is not going anywhere fast!

It is in fact a piece of Pot-pourri that has taken on the appearance of an Eel when it dried out.

But it is very convincing as this other picture bare testament to.

New Species of Eel still not moving!        New Species of Eel misses a big nut for dinner

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