pole fishing tackle

Pole Fishing Tackle

If you trying pole fishing we have the gear to get you going

Well you want to try Pole Fishing, here we have the list for the pole fishing tackle you will need to get going.

This list of pole fishing gear is just to get you going and can be expanded in time to suit your needs.

Let�s get started, unlike most methods of coarse fishing, where the first things you will need are the rod, reel and line, with pole fishing the first things you need are the pole and the rigs.

A pole will be the most expensive piece of fishing tackle you will every buy – unless you are going boat fishing, So take your time and get it right. Know where you are going to fish and what you are going to be fishing for. Once you know these details then look at the characteristics of the different types of pole to see which one covers your needs.

The fishing pole comes in two different types,

  • The Whip
  • The long pole

The first two are the long poles and the name relates to the way the sections are attached to each other, put in means that the end sections are put in to the end on the previous section. With the put over type the end sections are attached by pushing them over the previous section, because the poles are tapered this is the type because if there is any wear on the pole the end section will slide down a bit further before it tightens, wereas with the put in type if there is any wear the end section will slide inside the previous section and will not tighten.

Pole Fishing Tackle - The Pole

An 8M pole comes in sections allowing you to control how far out you are going to fish

Pole Fishing Tackle - The pole a 5m telescopic pole

A 5M telescopic pole is handy for a quick set up to test the water.

Although you can get rigs ready made it is good pratice to buy the different pieces needed to make up rigs so you learn at the start the correct way to put them together, this way is you are out for a pole fishing session and you are not getting to the fish you can build your own rig.

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