pole fishing

Pole Fishing

Just the rod without the reel !!

For me pole fishing is like going back to when I started fishing, I started with a pole and a piece of line with a hook on the end.
The only things I didn’t know at the time was that I was supposed to feed the swim to bring the fish into where I was fishing and to put the hook and bait in the same place you put the feed. Also how to tie the hook on right.

The big difference from my fishing and proper fishing was that I used a stick about 8 foot long and the rig was a bit of line which had been carelessly left on the river bank by a fisherman. Whereas the poles and rigs used are a lot different.

Freshwater Fishing Methods - pole fishing

When would you use a pole?

Pole Fishing is for the most part a method of fishing for small to medium sized fish, it is not suitable for specimen hunting or larger fish in general. The pole comes into its own in certain conditions, namely where the bait has to be presented accurately and delicately. One of the main places where the pole can give great rewards is in the match fishing realm. The ability to place the hookbait in the same place every time is extremely beneficial in a match.

Getting started with a pole can appear on the surface to be straight forward, but there are somethings you have to be clear on before going out and spending your money. OK so you know the differences between a whip and a long pole, don’t you?

Where to start depends on what you want to do. There are basically two types of pole in use today –

A whip –

These are short poles – 2 to 6 metres in length. They are generally telescopic. They have very fine, flexible solid carbon fibre top sections. The line is attached directly to the top section.

Long Poles -These poles are much longer than the whips. They come in sections that can be pulled apart. They are available in two types –

  1. Put in
  2. put over

The line on these poles is attached to elastic which is fitted inside the top section or sections of the pole.


Due to the different fishing characteristics of the whip and the long pole they are used in different cases, for a more detailed explanation of the use of each have a look at the pole fishing tackle page.

When to use the different types

As stated above the pole comes into its own in certain conditions and the different types of pole have different uses. We have already said that in the match fishing realm the pole comes into its own but this can be expanded on in that the whip can be used to fish in close before you finish your days fishing, due to the fact that while you are fishing and waiting your swim you will drop particles of food all the along your swim. This dropping of food will bring fish into the area between you and your chosen spot. With the whip you can quickly catch, net and recast giving you an extra bit of weight for your days fishing.

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